We write and design persuasive,
beautiful Pitch Decks & Sales Decks.

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beautiful Pitch Decks for ong
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders

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Here’s the truth:

Business is
1% Inspiration,
99% Presentation.

Perhaps this sounds familiar... You've got a pivotal pitch to investors or customers, but your presentation lacks punch despite countless tweaks. Ten versions later, it still shows tangled stories, verbose content, messy design.

Maybe PowerPoint isn't your thing, or time is scarce. Either way, here's the deal: You might have a stellar business or idea, but if you can’t convey its awesomeness succinctly and convincingly, you just will not close that deal.

That’s where SLIDEAS comes in…


Incendiary Ideas

Empowering world-changers to share their stories.

Our blend of Persuasive Storytelling, Sound Strategy, and Beautiful Design
elevates your Pitch Deck. We transform ideas into impact.



Strategy Call



We absorb your goals, ideas and unique business nuances, setting the foundation for a presentation that effectively reflects your vision.


Story Wireframe



We expertly synthesize your concepts into captivating narrative wireframes, transforming pitches into immersive journeys that simplify, persuade and inspire.


Final Editable Design



We leverage your branding and visualize your data to craft polished, professional presentations that captivate, dazzle and establish authority.

Unlock the Power of
Persuasive Storytelling

Access our FREE slide-by-slide Pitch Deck template—the same one our team has used to help dozens of clients raise hundreds of millions.

beautiful Pitch Decks for ong
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
beautiful Pitch Decks for ong
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders
Pitch Decks For Startups and Founders


Our Pitch Decks have helped clients raise


"Went above and beyond what was asked! No words to describe the talent level and execution that SLIDEAS provide! Worth every penny and then some."

—MICHAEL G., Founder


Five Star Reviews
on Upwork


Pitch Decks Built
All Satisfied Clients

Elevating Your Impact


For Startups + Founders:


That boost
chances of
getting funded.

Sample Portfolio

For Small Businesses:


That attract 
and close new

Sample Portfolio

For Real Estate Investors:


That get
your next deal

Sample Portfolio


Learn to Craft Pitch Decks that
Command Attention and Close Deals

What You'll Learn in Our New Course + Coaching Module:

  • Pitch Deck Mastery: Dive deep into the science and art behind the most persuasive pitch decks.
  • Investor Insight: Understand the psychology of investors and what they're truly looking for in your pitch.
  • Slide-by-Slide Guide: Access frameworks and templates that ensure every slide hits the mark.
  • Narrative Nuance: Transform data and facts into a compelling narrative that tugs at decision-makers' heartstrings.
  • Presentation Prowess: Hone your delivery skills to present confidently, convincingly, and charismatically.
Learn to Craft Pitch Decks

Do you want to learn how to build an irresistible pitch deck?
Sign up now and get notified when our exclusive coaching module launches!



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    Aaron Y.
    Founder at Real Estate Fund

    We needed a partner to help us tell our unique story to the most sophisticated institutional real estate investors in the world. Rolando's business acumen, storytelling gift, and technical know-how combined to create a masterful product -- one that has been used with outstanding impact. Thank you, SLIDEAS!"

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    Grant K.
    Managing Partner, Financial Services Firm

    "Rolando and team are rockstars. They have super human powers when it comes to listening to our thoughts and then distilling it down to simple statements and designs that are compelling and beautiful. We have worked with lots of folks in this space but none are as good as SLIDEAS."

  • icon

    Sarah Y.
    Founder at Social Startup

    "Working with Rolando was a highlight in my first six months as a founder! He so brilliantly distilled my business concept into a super digestible and compelling story in a really beautiful deck. Working with him was wonderful- he's unwaveringly professional, excellent at what he does and delivers above what he promises. 10/10 recommend."

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    Michael G.
    Founder at International Non-Profit

    Rolando is hands down the most exceptional consultant I've worked with. I had initially attempted to create my pitch deck on my own, but I knew that I required direction and guidance on what sponsors would find compelling. I selected Rolando because he stood out as THE ABSOLUTE BEST, and I am happy to say that he exceeded all expectations. My gratitude towards the SLIDEAS team cannot be expressed in words.

  • icon

    Nate F.
    CEO at Real Estate Development Fund

    “My company desperately needed a group that could help me extract my ideas and strategic business plans from inside my head and transform them into a compelling pitch deck. The collaborative nature of working with SLIDEAS was exceptional: they embraced my input and actively sought my feedback at every stage. Whether refining the overall structure, incorporating complex data, or enhancing the visual appeal, their receptive approach helped my ideas flourish, resulting in decks that perfectly aligned with my vision."

  • icon

    Alan S.
    Founder at Fintech Startup

    "Rolando is one of the best consultants out there. More importantly, he has a high understanding of what it takes to raise money and isn't afraid to give you his honest feedback. He works hard, is patient, and provided so much great guidance. Our company is extremely happy with Rolando's work and plan on using him again in the future."

  • icon

    Kelly N.
    Executive at Public Health Sciences Company

    "Rolando and team are first rate, and I would definitely work with them again. Important to note —you are not just getting a designer, but a true thought partner who is intellectually engaged and has a significant business background to help tell the company's story in a compelling way. SLIDEAS' process was efficient, and the results were beautiful and impactful."

Our Portfolio

We don't just design beautiful decks—we create decks that deliver.

  • Partner Presentation
  • Investor presentation for brands
  • Investor Presentation for parks
  • Presentation for software
  • Partner Presentation
  • Investor presentation for brands
  • Investor Presentation for parks
  • Presentation for software
  • Investor Presentation
  • Investor Presentation
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  • Investor Presentation
  • Investor Presentation
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From startup founders to Fortune 500 CEOs, Rolando has crafted powerful, persuasive presentations for leaders in every industry. As the founder of SLIDEAS, he leads our storytelling and coaching team to success.

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Rolando Archila


What makes SLIDEAS different from other Pitch Deck services?
Although there are a lot of consultants, designers, and agencies out there who can put a pretty presentation together, our unique blend of storytelling, design and strategy sets us apart. While our decks look beautiful and credible, we emphasize sound business stories over pretty bells and whistles.
Are your Pitch Decks for investors only?

No. We’ve helped create decks that “pitch” to sponsors, retailers, CEOs, brand partners, bosses, and more. If you need to persuade someone of something, we’re here to help.

My company is in a complex or technical industry, are you able to help tell our story?
Making the complex > simple is our specialty! We certainly welcome the challenge—our team has tackled decks in a number of technical industries, including AI, biogenetics, blockchain, data logistics, finance, IoT, agrotech, and more.
What is the difference between a Sales Deck and a Pitch Deck?
There are many commonalities between both, but the main difference is the audience and your “angle” when pitching. Pitch Decks make a compelling case for investment in a business. Sales Decks empathize with a customer’s painpoint, and offer your product or service as a solution. SLIDEAS helps with both!
What if I already have a Pitch or Sales Deck started?
Great! So do most of our clients. But the truth is writing a Pitch Deck is hard—if you’re not happy with where you’ve landed on story and design, we’re happy to work with you to take it to the next level.
What investment rounds do you create Pitch Decks for?
Our sweet spot tends around Seed and Series A, but we have worked with everyone from Pre-Seed to Public fundraising.
Can you teach me?
You bet! Our signature Inspire Storytelling Coaching program might be the best fit for you. Contact us for more information!
What is your payment terms and typical turnaround?
Most projects get completed in 3 weeks or less. We occasionally offer rush delivery for an additional fee, subject to current workload.
We bill 50% upfront and 50% at final project delivery.
Will I be able to edit the deck after our project is done?
Yes, all text, imagery and templates will be fully editable. We deliver all final decks as modifiable Google Slides presentations, or as PowerPoint or PDFs if preferred.
Will you design my Pitch Deck?
Although professional, high-caliber design and visualization is part of our standard deliverable (see our 3-step process above!), we do not take design-only projects. Our biggest value-add is in the combo of storytelling with design.
Does the project include financial analysis or projections?
No, but we are happy to connect you with our preferred partners if this need arises.
Does the project include research?
We are happy to do some quick Googling, but we typically rely on our clients to provide most trends, stats, research reports or industry specifics that might help make the pitch stronger.
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